Risk Assessment Tool for IT and Software Development Projects

A free, online risk assessment tool developed for evaluating IT and software development projects.

Answering a short online questionaire will allow our sophisticated assessment model to calculate a risk rating for your project and provide you with a list of recommendations to reduce the risk of project failure. You can perform the assessment before starting a new project whilst in the planning stage or while the project is underway (if you have just come across this tool).

Suitable for all types of software development projects, including new product development, general programming and coding, rebuilds of existing systems and solutions, bespoke and custom software, integration with COTS and legacy systems.

Our risk assessment tool is used by Business Analysts, Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Service Managers, Programme Managers and anyone else who has responsibility for software delivery that wants to better understand the risks they are carrying.

No proprietry or confidential information is required, GDPR compliant, online and free, takes about 5 minutes to complete and the results are made available to you right away without restriction (ie. no late stage pay wall or email sign-up etc).

It takes only a few minutes to get your results
Requires a modern browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3

About the risk assessment tool

The online risk assessment tool is a cut down version of our full Programme Assessment Service that is suitable for multi-million £ programmes, takes 5 weeks to perform and is labour intensive. We built this tool to make the elements of this kind of service available to those who don't have the time or opportunity to use our full programme assessment.

Unlike the litany of "helpful" advice and whitepapers pushed upon new project managers about what they should be doing (like "clarify roles and resonsibilities", "convene a steering committee" or "maintain a stakeholder RACI matrix") our risk assessment tool is based upon our real world, direct and personal experience of why projects go off the rails. And we've not seen such a model anywhere else.

We feel it's better to ensure your software project stays on track from the beginning if it possibly can, and that our tool can play a part in helping you with this.

Frank Ray & Associates

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