Risk Assessment Insights

We are uniquely placed to see the common pitfalls affecting the IT and software development projects that our tool has performed risk assessments for.

A total of 20 risk assessments have been performed since Thursday, 23 January 2020.

The risk ratings given in the assessments were distributed as follows.

The following risks were found to be most prevalent across all assessments.

Risk Factor Category Prevalence
Changes to business operations or structure Business Readiness 55%
Reputational damage if the system does not work correctly Reputational Risk 50%
External components or systems need to be ready External Dependencies / 3rd Parties 45%
Issues experienced with the project Delivery Management 35%
Multiple stakeholders have a say over project decisions Stakeholder Management 35%
Project progress and benefits realisation are unclear Programme Management 35%
Project budget is large compared to typical IT spend Programme Management 30%
Global rollout planned across different countries Deployment and Post "go-live" 30%
Major political, government or regulatory changes Industry & Business Landscape 30%
The project has been previously attempted but unsuccessfully Delivery Management 25%