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We would be happy to spend some time together talking through your current situation and business needs, and what you'd like to achieve going forward.

People find it helpful to talk through their situation with an impartial 3rd party.

The discussion is in confidence and without any further obligation.

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The consultation is only suitable for companies who already have employees (ie. we do not work with single person startups or sole traders). Please fully read this website and familiarise yourself with our expertise before contacting us.

As creatives we were confident in our concept but the business side has been a huge learning curve. Having a consultation with Frank Ray has proved invaluable and he was able to take a step back and give us objective advice. His unique 360 degree approach involved looking at all aspects of our business, including ways to improve our processes and operations so that we had a clear focus and direction on how to grow our business. We are currently implementing some of his recommendations and are starting to reap the benefits already.

Events Company (London)

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