We listen carefully so we design and build solutions which will satisfy your needs

We offer personally tailored solutions which are specific to your business needs and particular situation. First we listen carefully to accurately understand what you need done and the perspectives of different stakeholders. Then we design and build one or more technology and software based solutions which will fully satisfy your needs. Rigourous quality assurance and testing ensures all solutions are fit for purpose and work as expected.

Service Details

1. Risk Assessment

Online risk assessment tool to help you better manage IT and software development projects.

Quickly diagnose problems and instantly get recommendations to reduce the risk of project failure.

No proprietry or confidential information is required, fully GDPR compliant, takes a few minutes to complete and initial results are made available to you right away without restriction.

Suitable for all types of IT and software development projects, including new product development, general programming and coding, rebuilds of existing systems and solutions, bespoke and custom software, integration with COTS and legacy systems.
(Free of charge)

Online Risk Assessment Tool

2. Programme Assessment

Our programme assessment and recovery is ideal for correcting an in-flight programme which has significantly deviated from its intended course.

Major aspects of the operational running of a programme will be surfaced rapidly, along with bringing to light any hidden biases and "blind spots" that are limiting success.

Recommendations will be provided covering the immediate and suggested changes to make; in order to get the programme back on track and running well.

Previous clients have used the programme assessment to bring risks under control, re-orient work towards value creation, improve financial management and cost control, and improve staff morale.
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Programme Assessment Service Description

3. Business Analysis

We specialise in quickly making sense of complex situations, diagnosing critical issues and uncovering hidden constraints which are limiting success, and offering practical solutions aligned with key drivers.

Senior management make decisions, initiate projects, develop new propositions, implement systems and assure quality based on our work.

Work commissioned direct to clients on a deliverables-based contract; previous clients have spanned the private, public and charitable sectors. Services include:

  • Diagnosing critical issues
  • Uncovering hidden constraints
  • Identifying key risks and dependencies
  • Outlining gaps and missing capabilities
  • Performing operational assessments
  • Reviewing resource profiles
  • Designing future models
  • New product propositions
  • Overseeing system and process changes
Business Analysis Portfolio

4. Software Development

The design and development of custom software to implement technology based, business solutions.

Includes support across the full SDLC including quality assurance, documentation, training and support.

Software is designed and developed using contemporary technology and tooling, integrating with legacy systems as required.

  • Microsoft .Net development using C#
  • Web development - HTML, Javascript, ASP.Net, jQuery
  • Database development - SQL Server, SQL queries, SPROCs, indexes and execution plans, database views
  • Object-oriented programing using C++ (COM, MFC, ATL)
  • Unit testing, integration testing, mocking / stubbing, refactoring, test-first approaches (TDD, BDD)
  • Design patterns (Fowler, GOF) and continuous integration (Bitbucket, Jenkins, TeamCity, CruiseControl)
  • Legacy integration eg. COM, COM+, DCOM, Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, (XML / XSL / XSD)
  • UML modelling, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose
  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Slack, Visual Studio, GitHub
  • GoDaddy hosting, Linux and Windows servers, Wordpress, Google Analytics
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5. Reflective Coaching

I help company founders and senior managers, who would like more support in their role, better navigate their day to day work situations.

My approach is supportive and non-directive, allowing you to discuss and think through day to day work situations and important business decisions.

I work like a retained non-executive or trusted adviser but on a more immediate and hands-on basis, and I’m available as and when required for as long as you need.

Reflective Coaching Service Description

How We Work

Uniquely, Frank Ray (owner and director of Frank Ray & Associates) has trained and worked as a qualified therapist and volunteer counsellor allowing him to carefully listen and accurately understand needs and different perspectives. His personal approach is to take a broad view, holistically considering all factors that may be relevant to the client work. The same approach and attention to detail is required from all associates.

Our Programme Assessment and Programme Recovery, Business Analysis and Software Development services are offered in and around Woking and Guildford (Surrey UK), London and Greater London boroughs, across the United Kingdom and also internationally via remote working or other arrangements.

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Frank stands behind all our work because his name is on the company door

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